CuraDAI - Wiki

CuraDAI - Wiki

CuraDAI is a digital community currency that leverages the latest open financial tools built on blockchain technology to create a digital, stable, and transparent currency that matches the local currency of Curaçao in terms of the unit of account. CuraDAI is 100% backed by Dai, a digital currency soft-pegged to the US Dollar and is used to fund sustainable development on the island.


If you're new to cryptocurrencies it's recommended to start with

. For questions and discourse, please visit the CuraDAI community. To stay up to date with the latest CuraDAI developments, follow CuraDAI on Twitter or Instagram. Danki for being part of the new economy for Curaçao! 🇨🇼


CuraDAI is still in an early stage of development and is completely permissionless, meaning nobody can and will be responsible for any potential losses. Please take good care of your seed phrase and private key and double-check transactions before sending it. With great freedom comes great responsibility!